Monthly Workshop Membership - 45 Terms & Conditions

Orientation & Check-In: Upon acceptance of membership, you will be scheduled for an orientation appointment to create your key card and be briefed on building access, and permitted facility uses. Be prepared to show ID.

Facility Access: The facility is staffed generally during Mon-Fri 8a-7p, with the exception of holidays or other posted closures. Full time members may use their personal key cards for access outside of staffed hours, but may not bring allow unauthorized people access to the facility with the limited exemptions outlined in our Guest Policy in the Member Handbook.

Members must not leave any personal property on site overnight unless storage options are rented which permit doing so. Sleeping overnight or any other de facto residential use of the facility will be grounds for membership termination.

Tool Station Access: Full time members may use any tool station for which they have been cleared by orientation or private instruction and the instructor has agreed that the member possesses the basic safe handling capacity for that tool station. If staff or designated member-mentor volunteer identifies members engaging in unsafe tool handling operations that may cause injury to oneself, others, or the equipment, a member’s tool use privileges may be revoked until the class or instruction has been repeated or competence has been established. Extremely unsafe tool handling, such as operation while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication, or extreme fatigue may result in immediate membership termination. Please see our full Handbook for the entire safety policy.

Member Code of Conduct: Explorer members are expected to act in accordance with our ethics and code and conduct outlined for regular members and to refrain from any behavior that is disrespectful or substantively disruptive to fellow members, visitors, or to the space.

While networking is encouraged, Members and guests agree not to engage in aggressive solicitation to other members or guests, such as for the sale of goods or services.

Members and guests agree not to utilize the Idea Foundry spaces or internet connection to conduct any illegal activity.

Membership may be suspended or revoked at the sole discretion of management if a member poses a threat to the health, safety, or property of our community, or code of conduct violations.

Personal security: Please secure all valuables. We are not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of any personal property left on-site or in vehicles in parking lots or street parking.

(full member handbook available for review at Front Desk or digitally, email for link) 

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