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Idea Foundry Member Portal

The Idea Foundry Member Portal is the spot for you to sign-up, manage, and book Idea Foundry resources. Scroll down to see our membership plans and options.

If you are seeking general information about the Idea Foundry or to schedule a tour, click here.

Plans & Pricing

Price 375 USD  / year

Explorer Membership Bundle

Take a year to explore dozens of classes each month and save over 40% when you bundle your exploration! Sign up for a year of explorer benefits and also get to take two of our most popular classes. Woodshop A & B gives you hands-on time with all of our woodshop tools and helps you jumpstart any creative woodworking project you have in mind!

One Year as Explorer $480 + Woodshop A $85 + Woodshop B $85 = a Total Value of $650

Bundle your purchase with this deal, spend a year explore everything from blacksmithing to game development and only pay $375

This plan renews automatically.

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Price 250 USD  / month

Coworking Full Membership

Open seating in any of our communal coworking spaces. $250 month-to-month, or SAVE $50/mo with six-month contract! Choose six-month contract option in extras below (we'll get you signed during orientation).

Not ready to commit yet? No problem! You can start this any time and get this deal, just ask our member coordinator!

This plan renews automatically.

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Price 65 USD  / month

Workshop Membership

The perfect creative environment to grow your craft and your professional network while also having some fun. Free wifi access, on-site coffee & kitchenette, lounge area, free on-site & street parking, and walking distance to Land Grant Brewery, Strongwater Food & Spirits and Rehab Tavern for dining. We keep the mood light with impromptu movie and game nights, grill-outs, group builds, ping-pong and more!

Workshop members have 24-hour access to the Idea Foundry Workshop and independent use of all tools/machines they for which have completed class training.


-You must be 18+ years of age.

-You must complete 2 Idea Foundry Classes. Before applying for membership you must attend 2 Idea Foundry classes.

Tool Clearance

You must complete at a minimum the orientation-level class (or receive private instruction) on any tool station you wish to use as a member; once you are a member you can continue to take classes at the discounted rate to be authorized to use additional tool stations.

This plan renews automatically.

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Price 40 USD  / month

Explorer Membership

Combine your passion for learning with your excitement to experiment. Explore classes like blacksmithing, welding, woodworking, electronics, video game development, jewelry making and more! Satisfy your curiosity with discounts on all Idea Foundry classes, events and coworking day passes. Whether you want to grow your craft or just have some fun this is the perfect environment to try something new.

Applicants must be 16+ years of age.

This plan renews automatically.

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25 USD /Day Pass

Drop-in Coworking Day Pass

Commitment issues? Take us on a low key coffee date.
Day passes offer a trial of our common coworking workspace--grap an open desk, fluff the pillows on the grandstand, try out a cozy chair on the mezzanine, plug into our wifi, grab a cup of coffee, and see how it would feel to run your business in our space.

When you check in, our desk staff will give you the lay of the land and let you be. If you decide to join as a real card-carrying member that day, we'll credit your pass fee towards membership dues.

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